Butcher’s Birthday

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  • When: 03/14/21
  • QIC: Extinguisher
  • The PAX: Butcher,Farrah&Farrah, Fixit, Twister, Banjo, Updraft, Fifty Cent, Pyro, Heisenberg, Culpepper, Mcfly, Eileen, Green Eggs, Mr. Woodchuck, Rainman, Loudmouth, Mothra, Twister, Crash, Tazz, Bolt, Giselle, Aquaman, Floater,Hey Boss,Extinguisher and CandyStriper(FNG)

27 Pax posted to Boondocks to get and better and unbeknownst to them celebrate the birthday of the HIM who EH’d for 6 months to post Butcher. It was also the first time we going to use jump ropes(oh yeah we had Cindy’s also) at the AO. It went down like this:


Sometimes I like to start COP with a music inspired warm up. Since we are celebrating a B-DAY we used Burpee inspired Whomp There It Is by Tag-Team. Burpee every time you hear “Whomp there it is” = 40 Burpees

Mosey with Cindy to football field

The Thang:

“Butcher Shop” Tabata 20 seconds work 10 second rest  2 rounds (2nd round in reverse order)

Partner #1 Jumping rope Partner #2 performing Cindy exercise switch at buzzer

  1. Buster (jump over Cindy perform burpee pick up cindy and perform thruster)
  2. Overhead Lunges
  3. Manmaker Merkins
  4. Leg lift up and over Cindy
  5. Bicep Curls
  6. Alpos with squat
  7. Skull Crushers
  8. Derkins
  9. Prisoner Get-Ups
  10. BBBSU

Ring of Death (4 cones setup 30-40yd apart in square)  

Partner #1

Middle of ring performing cycle of  Flutter Kicks, Squat Touches and Burpees until partner finishes around ring; Rinse and repeat x 2

Partner #2

Around Ring performing

Cone #1 Killer Kangaroos (broad jump with Cindy)

Cone #2 Rifle Carry Cindy

Cone #3 Bear crawl Pull with Cindy

Cone #4 Walking Lunge w/ Cindy

Last and not least ended party with the Cupid Shuffle song by Cupid

Pax line up in plank position performing shoulder taps then move to the left to the right, kick, kick and rotate 3:50 seconds long

Mosey to flag



Annoucements (FARM and F2 at TOPGOLF on 3/20)

Named FNG welcome Candy Striper

Lords Prayer





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