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  • When: 03/25/2021
  • QIC: Airbags (R)
  • The PAX: Hat Trick, Thumper, Valdez, GNC, Mulligan, Wasted, Inside Out (R), Deuce and Outhouse. (R)

9 PAX joined QIC on a warm March morning! Yes, the gate was open to Badlands, so it must have something to do with Sofa!

2021 will be the third year for the Mental Battle movement to shed light on mental health concerns for men.
As in the previous two years, we have a new workout to shed light on the mental battle we all battle alongside our brothers.
March 27 is the anniversary of Miyagi’s friend passing away due to suicide.
Perform each exercise at 10 reps, then repeat at 15, and 20. If you finish, 25.
After each set, encourage one or two Pax to share their experience of mental health issues either with themselves or someone they know.
MENTAL BATTLE REACH OUT (20 letters/exercises)
*SSHs, Reacher & Hillbillies
Mosey to Bear Crawl Hall
M Merkins IC
E El Capitan (alternate regular lunge) IC
N No Surrenders IC
T Tony Hawk Burpees OYO
A American Hammer IC
L Lunges. IC
B Bobby Hurleys OYO
A Alternating side squats. IC
T Thigh masters. (Slow, IC)
T Twinkle Toes (IC)
E Extreme flutter kicks (IC) (slow flutter kicks)
R Rosalita Wips. IC
E Everest OYO
A Alphabet (spell with feet from flutter kick position). OYO
C Calf raises. IC
H Hand release Merkins. OYO
O Outlaw. OYO. Draw an O.
U Up Downs. Pax together.
T Toy soldiers. IC

• El Capitan – The lunge has the back leg straight out behind you, your front leg at 90 degrees or less – both hands go fully on the ground in merkin position on the inside of your front leg. Return to a standing position and repeat the lunge
• No Surrenders – Begin the no-surrender in the standing position with your hands locked behind your head and elbows pointing outward.4 count: 1. Go down on left knee, then 2. down on the right knee so now you’re on both knees. 3.Then stand back up on left leg then 4. up with the right leg.
• Tony Hawk Burpees – A normal burpee but when you jump, do a 360 degree spin in the air each time.
• Alternating side squats – Start with feet together. Step one leg out to the side and do a squat, returning legs together at the top. Repeat on other side. Usually done in slow cadence so 1 rep is a squat on each side.
• Thigh masters – Starting position – In forward lunge with knees slightly bent. Perform standard lunge movement bending with back knee touching ground and then return to starting position. Done in cadence (all with same leg), count 1 down, 2 up, 3 down, 4 up =1. Continue with set # then switch legs and repeat. Can be performed slow (with knee reaching ground) or fast ultimately resulting in excessive “burn” in the thighs.
• Twinkle Toes – This is an Al Gore (holding a squat with your arms & hands out in front of you) while doing calf raises.
• Rosalita Wips – Ab exercise from Rosalita position. Legs together at 90°. Cadence count. Out for 1, together for 2, legs down to 6 inches for 3, back to 90° for count. Burns more when done slow.
• Everest – Find a set of stairs or a hill. Lunge up one step, perform 1 squat, lunge up with other leg, perform 1 squat, repeat to top. Works best with many steps or sizable hill.
• Outlaw – Sitting in the position for flutter kicks, keep your feet together and make a big “O” with them. 10 reps to the right and 10 reps to the left or as many reps as the Q deems necessary.
• Up Downs – Chop your feet or high knees. On Q’s signal chest hits the dirt and bounce back up and resume chopping or high knees

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