third day in a row so we should take it easy, right?

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  • When: 03/25/2021
  • QIC: crotchless
  • The PAX: feud, big bird, sasquatch, Roddy

5 PAX met in the gloom at Asgard with Cindy in tow to do some HEAVY work today.


SSH x 20, Don Quixote x 10, Reach Throughs x10, LBAC fwd/bkwd x 10, Wonder Bra x 10, Moroccan Nightclub x 10, Raise the Roof x 10, Squats x 10- all done IC


The Thang

There was some grumbling from the PAX after the reveal of my trusty whiteboard, and understandably so.  5 rounds of lifting, pushing and carrying Cindy with progressively higher repetitions after each set.

(Rd. 1)

12 front raises, 24 squat thrusters, 36 curls, 48 derkins, 60 squats (block behind the neck).  Carry Cindy 1 lap (~80-100 yes) around parking lot

(Rd. 2) 12 Alpos, 24 overhead presses, 36 BBBSU, 48 dips, 60 second wall sit (holding block).  Carry 1 lap

(Rd. 3) 12 single arm rows each side, 24 reverse crunches (block overhead), 36 vertical presses, 48 goblet squats, 60 flutter kicks (block overhead). Carry 1 lap

Rd 4 and 5.  See Rd 1 and 2.

All PAX finished in time, right at end of session- 5:45 AM.  Brutal work to end the weekday beatdowns, 3rd day in a row, but everyone slayed it!


COT Name-a-rama; Count-a-rama; Prayers go out to Feud’s family and friends who are attending a prayer service for a recently deceased family member; Talen and his continued healing through treatments, Kathy, battling lung cancer.  Pledge of allegiance



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