Sasquatch’s 40th Birthday Bonanza

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  • When: 03/27/1981
  • QIC: Sasquatch
  • The PAX: Feud, Bigbird, Crotchless, Drumstick, Crush, Sasquatch

6 PAX of Fleming Island met in the dark foggy gloom of Asgard for YHC 40th birthday beatdown.  Feeling very grateful for the opportunity to lead these HIM and feeling a sign of the new season upon us as unofficial state bird (aka mosquitos) join us on this moist morning.

COP (all IC)
SSH x40 (of course), Don Quixote x11, LBACF x10, LBACB x10, Moroccan Night Club x10, Wonder Bra x10, Chinook x10, Merkins x10, Butt Kickers x10, Reacher x10

Cones set at 40 yards.

ROUND 1 (x2)
Blockbees x10
-> Lieutenant Dan Heavy (4:1) 40 yards ->
Blockbees x10
<- Lieutenant Dan Heavy (4:1) <-
Plank for 6 (40 total Blockbees)

ROUND 2 (x2)
Derkins x10
-> Rifle Carry 40 yards ->
Derkins x10
<- Rifle Carry <-
Plank for 6 (40 total Derkins)

ROUND 3 (x1)
Goblet Squats x10
-> Murder Bunny 40 yards ->
Goblet Squats x10
<- Murder Bunny <-
Goblet Squats x20
Air Chair for 6 (40 total Goblet Squats)

ROUND 4 (x4)
Pullups x10
-> Run 40 yards ->
<- Run <-
Air Chair for 6 (40 total Pullups)

40-second circuit training w/ 10 seconds of resting.  Rotate exercise after each rest.  Repeat until out of time.  PAX got through 1.5 rounds.
1. LBC
2. Mountain Climbers
3. Jungle Boi Squats
4. Flutter Kicks w/ Block
5. Curls
6. High Knees
7. Reverse Crunch w/ Block
8. KB Swings


Prayers for Talen’s battle with Cancer, Ian’s upcoming scans, Phil’s mom’s cancer surgery, and all unspoken prayers.
PAX is interested in taking Q at The Farm shortly after Easter.  Will discuss dates at coffeteria.

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