Cindi said the number is 11

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  • When: 03/30/2021
  • QIC: Xenu
  • The PAX: Brexit, Snuffleupagus, PUD, Zamboni, Big Papi, Pyro, Shock Treatment, Oui Oui, Jumanji, Synapse, Bowzer, Gekko, Bernie4Points, Heisenberg, Savage

Oh what a wonderful day to be alive in the gloom. 


Line up on light pole with Cindi

Sprints (no Cindi):

  • 1 – Don’t let Heisenberg beat you
  • 2 – Don;t let Jumanji beat you
  • 3 – Don’t let Big Papi beat you
  • 4 – Sprint home to Cindi

THANG 1 – Full Body 11

10 Blockpees, carry Cindi 60 yards, 1 Crying Baby (Deadlift, Curl, Overhead Combo with clean moves), return to start with Cindi

9 Blockpees, carry Cindi 60 yards, 2 Crying Baby (Deadlift, Curl, Overhead Combo with clean moves), return to start with Cindi

Etc., etc, etc till you get to 1 Blockpee and 10 Crying Babies

Run a lap and do 10 Burpees to cool down

THANG 2 – 11 The Hard Way

On the Basketball Court.

11 Manmakers (with Cindi) followed by 11 Bobby Hurleys

10 Manmakers (with Cindi) followed by 10 Bobby Hurleys

Etc., etc. etc. down to 1s.

Came up a little short so we could do ……

THANG 3 – Block Webs

1 Urkin followed by 4 overheads (from knees)

2 Urkins followed by 8 overheads (from knees)

Up to 5 / 20.

Carry Cindi back to COT


During this time where we are more cooped up than normal, try something new everyday or make a small change to a static behavior/routine.  It’s an interesting experiment and might just make you a better person OR a better person to be around.   Today, my change was to honor Jumanji and get rid of my stale COP that always starts with SSHs. 

No announcements,

Prayers for Oui Oui’s friend Dave who is battling cancer.


Tell your spouse and kids you love them. 



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