The letter of the day is D

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  • When: 3/30/31
  • The PAX: Updraft - r, Extinguisher - r, Eileen - r, Farah and Farah - dr, Hey Boss, Septum, SeatDown, Bert - r

During a previous workout, YHC was doing dips and derkins and thought..I should have a workout that everything starts with D.  So, the search was on.  Additionally, I wanted to rule out running, or items we don’t have at chop shop like stairs or walls.

It was a dark and gloomy morning, lightening off in the distances, 9 total PAX circled up in the field.


  • Don Quixote – 15 ic
  • Dolly – 20 ic
  • Dancing Chilcutt – 15 ic

The thang:

Dan Taylor to the pavilion

  • 11’s Dips / derkins – start with 10 dips, 1 derkin go to 1 dip / 10 derkins, back to 10 dips 1 derkin.

Dan Taylor to playground.

  • 11’s Diamond merkins / diamond David Lee Roth burpees – start with 10 diamond merkins, 1 DDLRB go to 1 diamond merkin / 10 DDLRB – stopped at 4 diamond merkins / 7 DDLRB due to time.

Dan Taylor back to pavilion around garbage can to middle of field.

Pax lines up for Dominoes

Last exercise – Dolly 26 ic

Naked Moleskin:

  • Communication is key between family members and work partners.  This limits extra work and confusion, and can make things go smoothly (sometimes!)
  • There were some prayer request both personal in the PAX and for the community.
  • 2nd F topics floated, bowling. Not Smash.
  • Happy Birthday Seatdown!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

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