A Holy Saturday Ruck

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  • When: 04/03/2021
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Roddy, Barry Shinkoff, Crotchless, Feud

Having missed the Good Friday Stations of the Cross beatdown at Badlands, and knowing he would miss Big Bird’s beatdown at Asgard, YHC decided to copy and modify the Stations of the Cross conducted by F3 Carpex in 2018 and repeated at Badlands Q’d by Full Monty on Friday.  YHC chose to do a ruck-style stations, ending with a Holy Saturday Ancient homily.  He was flanked by 3 other pax in a pre-Asgard dolly.  While I know that we usually don’t post a backblast for a dolly, I felt compelled to do it for this one.

Pax rucked ~0.1 miles, stopped for each station (total of 14) and performed 33 reps of exercises called. Total distance 1.5 miles.  In the interest of time so those staying for the Asgard beatdown, the Hero rule called around station 10. 

Exercises (33 reps each) included were:

  • 1st Station: Imperial Walkers
  • 2nd Station: Hillbillies
  • 3rd Station: Merkins
  • 4th Station: Squats
  • 5th Station: Flutter kicks
  • 6th Station: Shoulder presses
  • 7th Station: Calf raises
  • 8th Station: Rosalitas
  • 9th Station: Werkins
  • 10th Station: Squats
  • 11th Station: Flutter kicks
  • 12th Station: Merkins
  • 13th Station: Calf Raises
  • 14th Station: return to parking lot

Upon return, the pax indulged YHC as he shared with them an Ancient Homily proclaimed on Holy Saturday.  He has heard this homily for the last 10 years as it is read at every Holy Saturday prayer service he has attended since being part of the RCIA ministry at his church.  Each time YHC hears this read, it sends chills through his body.  It essentially is about what Christ did between the time of his death and Resurrection Sunday.  YHC felt the urge to share it, so he did.  If interested, the homily can be found here:  

An Ancient Homily on Holy Saturday

Thank you pax for letting me lead this morning.




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