Working off those Chocolate Bunnies

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  • When: 04/06/2021
  • QIC: Scholls
  • The PAX: Fixit, Aquaman, Mr. Woodchuck, Full House (DR), Butcher, Updraft, Doink, Loudmouth, Fifty Cent ran and joined the COT

I knew that if I didn’t Q the Tuesday after Easter, I’d be sorely tempted to fartsack. So I grabbed it, with every intention to work off all the post-Lent chocolate and alcohol in which the pax (i.e. YHC) might have indulged in the last couple of days.

We started off with a 400+m mosey, ending up at the center of the turf field.

Warm-o-rama: Limp member, Hillbillies, SSH, Reachers

The Thang

Set 1 – Cardio EMOM – 3 rounds of:

15 Burpees, 30 4ct. Mtn. Climbers, 45 SSH – turns out each of those takes dang close to a minute, so there was very little rest

400+m Lap

Set 2 – Leg EMOM – 3 rounds of:

20 Bonnie Blairs, 30 Bobby Hurleys, 40 Warrior Pulses (Warrior Pose, Pulse up to straight leg, 20 each leg) x3 – This was full of suck, and also very little rest. I think the only one I made all 3 times was the Warrior Pulses. Quads were on fire!

400+m Lap – on shaky legs

Set 3

5 (or so) Minutes of Mary – 50 LBCs, 50 2ct. Flutter Kicks, 20 Side Hip Raises R & L, 25 Heels to Heaven

Bear Crawl Circle

Circle Merk – Everyone planks while one pax does 10 merkins, then the next, then the next, around the circle. Did this with Regular Merkins, Werkins, and Diamond Merkins.  If I had to do this over again, I think I’d count off 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s, and have the 1’s all do merkins while the others planked, then the 2’s, etc.  Could have gotten more merkins in, with less plank – got a little boring, even though it was tough.

Mosey Back to the Flag for the COT

We never drift into excellence.  We drift away from where we want to be. If we want to achieve excellence, we do it with purpose, planning, intentionality, and especially with brothers to hold you accountable.

Thank you for letting me lead, brothers!


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