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  • When: 04/10/2021
  • QIC: Extinguisher
  • The PAX: Extinguisher, Updraft, Butcher, Scholls, Loudmouth, Doink, Heist, Gravy, FixIt,Onesie,Flash Dance (FNG), (runners)Fifty-Cent, Mr. Woodchuck, Bert, Hey Boss

Don’t know why I named this beatdown Smokin Joe Frazier but I did watch his title fight with Muhammad Ali on ESPN several weeks ago and was impressed by his toughness going 15 rounds with the GOAT and knocking him down to retain his title. Anyway, we had 11 pax participate in beatdown with 4 runners at Boondocks for a Berm escalator:



10 SSH

12 Reachers

12 Don Quixote

12 Big Arm circles Fwd/Bck

Mosey to Berm

The Thang

5 cones setup 10 yards apart in ascending order.

Starting at base of Berm.

Start: 10 Worst Merkins Ever run forward over berm and backwards to next cone

Cone 1: 10 Werkins /20 Burpees—>Berm

Cone 2: 1o Diamond Merkins/20 Burpees/30BBSU–>Berm

Cone 3: 10 Merkins/20 Burpees/30BBSU/40 Prisoner Squats–>Berm

Cone 4: 10 Werkins/20 Burpees/30 BBSU/40 Prisoner Squats/50 Circle MTN Climbers—Berm

Cone 5: 10  Diamond Merkins/20 Burpees/30 BBSU/40 Prisoner squats/50 circle Mtn climbers/60 REACH JACKS—Berm

Mosey to flag

Burpee Circle

AB work



Announcement: Farm T shirts

FNG: Flash Dance




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