This Ain’t Your Momma’s Beach Q.

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  • When: 04/17/2021
  • QIC: Aquaman•Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: EPT, Tinker Toy(welcome back),Seat Down(great to see you), Tone Deaf, Wrangler, Yard Sale(r) , Inside Out(aka Goggins)r), outhouse(r), Zamboni(r), High Pitch(r),Carl (rr), Papa Smurf(rr), Aquaman and runner Jumanji and coffeteria man 3 Peat

The indefatigable Aquaman brought some magic to the beach this morning…rumor is he wanted to use some Cindy’s(a no no at the beach😉)with him but he was given a heads up that that might result in a coup…
Who does burpees in their warm up routine? Aquaman does…with squat jacks, smurf jacks, chinooks, LBAC’s, Moroccan night clubs, Michael Phelps, SIDE straddle hops…and then ,
Partner up
100 somethings(plank up and down)..partner bear crawls to the 18 while the other partner does said exercise
100 dry docks on your elbows.
100 merkins. 50 hand release 50 regular…this created a maximum amount of mumble chatter (doing exercises unfamiliar to the Pax).

Line up midfield: toy soldier to yellow/white line…10 merkins.
Reverse lunge back to midfield. 20 flutter kicks.
Mosey to playground
Wilt Chamberlain with Partner
One partner runs. While other partner does exercises:
100 flutter kicks 100 squats 100 LBC’s 100 lunges…
Usain Bolts.. Usain Bolts:
1/2 down squat 15x 1/2 down to all the way down 15 x. Full squat 15x
Mosey to field.
Bill Murray
10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 big boi sit ups 10 burpees. Run around park •2
Something else. Then
Merkins to fail in a Ciabatta setting:
10 merkins. Rest repeat for amraps…Wrangler did 12/13 sets of 10. Harder than you think. Ask Seat Down..
Really good to see all of the guys this morning and Aquaman really brought it.
COT. BOM. Prayers for those on IR, those with cancer, and whatever other maladies exist in this crazy world.
Thankful for F3 and all of the many great things it does for each of us.

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