FBI Fitness Test

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  • When: 04/20/2021
  • QIC: Septum
  • The PAX: Hey Boss, Bert, Updraft, LIFO, Farrah and Farrah

6 Pax joined in the gloom at Chop Shop. We took on the FBI Fitness test to see if we have what it takes to be an FBI agent.

After warm ups we separated into two teams. It was a show down between one member from each team to see who could get the most reps. The winning team got a point for each win.

Team 1: Bert, Septum, LIFO

Team2: Updraft, Farrah, Hey Boss

There were 5 challenges.

Big boy sit-ups

Bert took the win over updraft (47/34) 1pt T1

Septum lost to Farrah  (32/35) 1pt T2

LIFO lost to Hey Boss (40/50) 1pt T2

300 meter sprint 

Bert 24 seconds, Septum 19, LIFO N/A, Updraft 23, Hey Boss 20, Farrah 28 (1pt T1)


Bert beat Farrah (60/54) (1pt T1)

Septum lost to Hey Boss (50/56) (1pt T2)

LIFO lost to Updraft (50/59) (1pt T2)

1.5 mile run

Bert 11:05, Septum 11:42, LIFO N/A, Hey Boss 10:50, Farrah 13:01, Updraft 12:52 (1pt T2)

pull ups

LIFO lost to Hey Boss (18/23) (1pt T2)

Bert beat Updraft (26/13) (1pt T1)

Septum beat Farrah (28/20) (1pt T1)

Total team points 

Team 1 : 5 points

Team 2 : 6 points

T2 did 10 burpees and T1 did 20.

Turns out only Hey Boss and Bert made the cut to be FBI agents all the rest got zero points in one of the challenges. According to the FBI scoring you need at least one point in each category. Congratulations guys your junior badges will be coming to you in the mail!

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