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I am aware that two days have now passed since we posted at Anthill on Tuesday morning so in the spirit of F3 i have penalized myself with the appropriate amount of burpees (executed with perfect form before writing this)

As it was my first ever Q i wanted it to be memorable and painful for all involved so I decided that doing a variation of a workout I did while training for my first spartan race a couple years ago. It involved a considerable amount of ‘dancing’ with Cindy so with that in mind i named the workout “Taking Cindyrella to the ball” – AND BOY DID WE.

Warm up

Side Straddle Hop

The reacher

Don something or other (I’ve heard it called many things)


Mr Miyagi (little orphan Annie)

The Thang

10 x Blockbees

10 x Block swings

10 x Arm Curls

10 x Diamond Merkens

10 x Diamond Derkens

1 lap run

5 Pull Ups

AMRAP for 35 mins.

It didn’t end there though… to finish out we circled up and i played a wonderful track named Flower by Moby. During this song we were in merken position and every time the word up was spoken we held a high plank and then when down was spoken we held a low plank.

All in all i think it was a pretty fun little Tuesday morning in San Marco.

The level of mumble chatter was at a low and the level of suck was pretty high.


For the circle of trust I shared how we can learn a great deal about faith from the story of Abraham and Isaac in the Bible. Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice his only son and what’s amazing to me is that he said yes and was about to do it without question. What stands out even more though is that Isaac went along with it and i believe that is because he grew up watching his father have incredible faith in God and i think Isaac was demonstrating that same faith in his own father who modeled it to him. If you have a kid or are in a position where you have influence to the next generation then you can demonstrate your faith to them like Abraham did to Isaac.

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