No Running, But Still Loads of Fun!

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Good evening, Badlanders! Slash Radio is back on the air! Exciting news about tomorrow’s Q at Hard Nocs — no running! If you can’t do it, don’t Q it, so we’ll be staying around the flagpole. We’ll do a bunch of stations focusing on the upper body, core and legs, with a special surprise / implement at each station. That said, there are plenty of opportunities to request an exercise, so with that in mind, let’s go to the phones to take your requests! Caller one, you’re on the air! Who do we have the pleasure of speaking with?

Caller: Hi, Slash. I’d rather not give my name, because I’m about to request an exercise that I love but my friends hate.

Slash: Ah, I hear you, caller. Well, we here at Slash Radio are all about safe spaces! Why not use a pseudonym?

Caller: Wonderful! Okay, how about… (long pause… thinking hard…) how about Pasted!

Slash: Pa… you mean, like Wasted, but almost imperceptibly different…

Caller: Who? Wasted? Never heard of him. Though the name seems befitting of someone who introduced Left Turn to F3; possesses a keen knowledge of the cost-benefits of both chemical and mechanical recycling methods; and is blessed with the unflagging moral standards of a Bowling Green man, wouldn’t you say?

Slash: Well, Wast — excuse me, Pasted — for someone who has never heard of Wasted, you’ve described him to a T. What’s your request?

Caller: Manmakers! With a cinder block! They’re so much fun!

Slash: You got it! As it happens, the procurement department here at Slash Radio just received a shipment of cinder blocks today from Home Depot! Let’s go back to the phones. Caller, you’re on the air!

Caller: Hi Slash, longtime listener, first time caller. I’d rather not give my real name, as like your last caller, my request may infuriate may friends. Just refer to me as… (long pause…thinking hard…) as Portable Exterior Human Waste Disposal Structure!

Slash: Portable ext — you mean, like an Outhouse?

Caller: Well, I suppose one could interpret it that way, though I’ve never heard of that name. That said, Outhouse does have a certain je ne sais quoi to it, befitting someone of uncommon physical prowess, a preternaturally slow aging process, and, I dare say, an effortless sophistication endemic to that of West Virginian aristocracy. Wouldn’t you say?

Slash: Oh, certainly. That’s EXACTLY what I would say. Okay, Out — I mean, Portable Exterior Human Waste Disposal Structure, what exercise are you requesting?

Caller: Well, manmakers are awesome. But what’s really awesome is when we have more than one station of them in a workout!

Slash: Sounds like a crowdpleaser! You got it! All right, Badlanders, that’s all the time we have today! Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to support Slash Radio’s sponsors, Ageless Male and Tommy Copper, and we’ll SYITG!

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