Cindy – Break up to make up, that’s all we do…

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  • When: 05/13/2021
  • QIC: @Hey Big Papi
  • The PAX: @Toxic, @Pud, @Pick6, @Matlock, @Shock Treatment, @Gekko, @Lego, @Ground Speed, @Heisenberg, @Brexit, @Zamboni, @Jumanji, @Pinto, @Synapse, @Bowser, @Superfly, @Pyro


The Reacher, Don Quixote, Monkey Humpers, LBACs…forward and back, Michael Phelps OYO and then let’s go, cause this is boring…

The Thang:

The field of break up.  Bear crawl with Cindy.  10 Merkins.  Leave Cindy, she’s a b.  Bear crawl.  20 V-ups to spite Cindy.  Lunge walk.   30 Flutter kicks, they make my heart flutter for Cindy.  I miss Cindy, run back to her.  Hold her in my arms, make up and 20 curls.  Murder bunnies back to the line, cause murder bunnies are cool.

The pavilion of love.  Dips, Derkins, step ups/box jumps, squats and LBCs.  20 – then back to the field of break up.  Then 30…then 40…

Message:  Be present in your everyday life.  Be there for the ones you love.  Life is short, life is fleeting, enjoy the ride, enjoy the journey.

Prayers for @Groundspeed’s M, and for the PAX participating in the Grow Ruck this weekend.

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