Hitting the Pavement at Asgard

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  • When: 06/19/2021
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Woodshed, Big Bird, Recall, Drumstick, Sasquatch, Roddy, Feud

7-ish (Drumstick joining us after work and arriving just in time for our last four exercises- with the last two being memorable- hehe) HIM of Fleming Island posting in the overcast gloom of Florida.  YHC glad to be back after missing last Saturday due to his local mission trip with the youth of his church.  After getting back after it this past week, he saw an open Q-slot so he grabbed.  He had challenged the pax to have a 12-pax beatdown before Asgard’s anniversary.  The closest we have come to this point was 9 with 2 EA’s.  So YHC thought, maybe we need to do a little advertising…  


  • SSH x20 IC
  • Imperial walkers x10 IC
  • LBAC forward/backwards x10 IC
  • BAC backwards/forwards x10 IC
  • Raise the roof x10 IC
  • Squats x10 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC

The Thang

Wanting to spread the word about Asgard, YHC decided to take the pax on a road trip- with the Cindy triplets, a ruck sack, old glory and the F3 Jax Flag.

  • Pax rotated coupons-
    • 3 carrying blocks
    • 1 rucker
    • 2 flag bearers
  • Cindy triplets and rucker walked to designated location as determined by Q
  • Flag bearers ran to designated spot and circled back to six, repeating until all arrived at designated location
  • Exercise performed at each stop with reps based on what you carried at the time:
    • Corner of Thunderbolt Park Road and US-17
      • 30 merkins for flag bearers
      • 20 derkins for pax carrying blocks
      • 20 merkins for rucker
    • Corner of US-17 and East-West Parkway
      • 30 squats for flag bearers
      • 20 goblet squats for pax carrying blocks
      • 20 squats for rucker
    • ~ half way down East-West Parkway in parking lot
      • Updraft shuffle to first island, hop over to other side and updraft shuffle back- all pax (no coupons)
    • Corner of East-West Parkway and Town Center Blvd
      • 30 Carolina Dry Docks for Flag Bearer and Rucker (without ruck)
      • 15 Thrusters for pax carrying blocks
    • At the Memorial Wall
      • 20 burpees for flag bearers and rucker
      • 10 blockbees for pax carrying blocks
    • From Memorial Wall to Fleming Island Library entrance
      • Pax with blocks and rucker- altnerate lunge walk and walk between light posts
      • Flag bearers- lunge walk first two light posts, then alternate sprint and mosey last two light posts with continued returning for the 6
    • At Fleming Island Library Entrance
      • 20 BBSU and flutter kicks with block overhead for pax with blocks and ruck
      • 30 BBSU and flutter kicks for flag bearers
      • Monkey humpers with pax facing library x 15 IC
      • Pickle pounders with pax facing road x20 IC

The Naked Mole Skin

  • Pax did get attention from those at iHop and a two guys in a truck passing by; truck stopped to talk and inquire more about who we were and what we were doing- YHC failed to bring along business cards for such instances.
  • Pax questioned the strategy of using monkey humpers and pickle pounders as a marketing tool


YHC wished everyone a Happy Father’s Day and reiterated that taking care of ourselves, through the things we do in F3, will make us better fathers.  He also admitted that he knew nothing of Juneteenth until last year.  After researching the holiday, he found it to be one that is worthy to note.  The end to slavery is good thing to celebrate.  He added that while there is still some progress to be made in race relations, there has been significant progress that shouldn’t be overlooked or looked down upon because it “wasn’t enough”.  We should continue to strive towards perfection, however, understand nothing will ever be perfect- but that should not stop us from continually climb the mountain.  Learning from our past, instead of erasing our past (no matter how bad the past was), will make us stronger. 


  • July 5th Convergence at Mickler’s Landing
  • Asgard 1-Year Anniversary- July 10th – Continue EH’ing
  • Prayers for unity of our country
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Pledge

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