Murder Bs at Thunderdome

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  • When: 7/6/2021
  • QIC: Doink
  • The PAX: Fifty Cent, Updraft, Loudmouth, Aquaman, Tazz, Pink Panther, Mr. Woodchuck, Rainman

Location/AO: North of the Julington Creek Bridge — Fruit Cove Middle School, home of Thunderdome

Temp: 77° and high gloomidity

9 pax showed up for a Murder Bs beatdown. 3 intrepid pax even dollied with a 3 mileish pre-run…


SSH x15 IC

Reacher x10 IC

Michael Phelps x10 IC


Ralphies x8 IC

Chinooks x8 IC

Grab a coupon and slowsey to the far goal line on the turf field…

The Thang

bunny rabbit GIF

We’re coming upon Iron Pax Challenge time…and some of these knuckleheads decided to joke that I would put together something very easy, so of course my goal was to break them down. Hopefully it worked…

Using the IPC2019 Killer Bs template — YHC made an ‘up-modification’…with coupons and some other fun things added in.

Starting at Goal Line:

Murder bunny 10 yards — then 10 reps each of:

  • Blockees 
  • BBSU
  • Bent over Rows
  • Block merkins (coupon on side, Start with one hand on the block, other hand on the ground, perform 1 merkin. Then “walk” hand over block/switch hands perform 1 merkin on other side of coupon)

Murder bunny 10 yards — then 10 reps

  • Blockees 
  • BBSU
  • Bent over Rows
  • Block merkins

Murder bunny 10 yards — then 10 reps

  • Blockees 
  • BBSU
  • Bent over Rows
  • Block merkins

From the 30 yard line – blockbearcrawl back to goal line (bear crawl over your coupon, then reach through and drag coupon in front of you, bear crawl over coupon and drag…continue to goal line).

Repeat 2 more times.

For those scoring at home:

90 blockees/90 BBSU/90 Bent over rows/90 Block merkins 

90 yards of murder bunnys + 90 yards of blockbearcrawls

Ran out of time to do the additional stuff YHC had planned…oh well, next time


Prayer request for pax health, family member surgeries, and ask to be mindful of gratitude

Close with pledge


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