Another Amazing Day at The Farm

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  • When: 07/10/2021
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Check Please, Murder Bunny, Cop Buster (FNG), ReRun, OCD (respect), Spring Break (respect), Bulls Eye, Wrecking Ball, Lu-Kane (FNG), Grounded (FNG)

We worked:
* Warm-up exercises
* A little moseying
* Tabata core
* Weight work

We named three FNGs:
* Ground
* Lu-Kane
* Cop Buster

We reviewed John, Chapter 4:
* Love one another. That’s one YHC would do well to remember at the start of each day. Dismiss the pettiness, the stupidity, the silliness. Forgive the bad, revel in the good. Love. One. Another.

We prayed:
* For Wrecking Ball’s new job
* For Murder Bunny’s test and interview
* For a clear path for three FNGs
* For the health of those impaired
* For strength

After it was over, seemingly over, Wrecking Ball pulled Check Please and YHC aside, wanting to share eleven handwritten pages detailing his life’s story. We read it aloud, every incredible sentence — a story of physical and mental abuse, of broken families, of menace and brutal violence, of unrequited love, of baptism and redemption, of relapse and weakness, and above all, of the struggle do what is right — what he knows is right — but what is still so hard to hold fast to in the face of the temptations of a life of intemperate dissipation. Wrecking Ball bared his soul, acknowledging his weakness but also his fervent desire to overcome it through his relationship with Christ. His story is heart-rending. But God willing, the best part of it is yet to come.

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