The Q that almost wasn’t

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  • When: 07/12/2021
  • QIC: Inside Out/Full Monty
  • The PAX: Inside Out (R), Deuce, Dollar Bill, Firefox(R), Tackleberry, GNC, Mulligan, Sandcrab (DR), Outhouse (R), Terminator, Sofa, Full Monty

Do you know that recurring dream where you have signed up to be the Q on a particular day and when that day arrives you sleep through your alarm and show up late…oh, you have never had that dream, then you had better sign up for your VQ, because I think everyone has had that dream or thought about it at some point. Well today my brothers…I lived that dream…awoke in a panic at 5:33, made it to Badlands at 5:40 and found the PAX well under control with Inside Out at the helm! I do not know what when on the first 13 minutes of the WO, but here is what I experienced…

DORA: PAX 1 started exercises as PAX 2 ran from curb to curb…plank jack, squats and bobby hurley’s.

We then went from light pole to light pole and played dealers choice with all types of exercises and reps. we finished with four sprints the length of the parking lot and then moseyed back to the flag.

Lots of fun mumble chatter on the way back to the flag, most aimed at YHC for being late…They started out making fun of me, then they thought maybe something was really wrong because he never misses a Q op…they were partially right.

When we arrived at the flag, I proceeded to pound out one burpee for each minute I was late as the PAX counted for me. And then explained my plight. I sought forgiveness for being late…my alarm not going off was an excuse…I was an epic fail to my brethren. It was my responsibility to be there ready and on time. Thank the Lord, Inside Out picked up the reins and didn’t miss a beat. I told the men to stand ready, because we never know when we will be the next man up…we never know when God wants to use us in someone’s life.

Prayers for Terminators family in the loss of his grandmother and for Sofa’s job opportunity this week. Thank you again to Inside Out for leading in my stead…rest assured, this won’t happen again…


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