Asgardian All-Stars

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  • When: 07/17/2021
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Roddy, Recall, Drumstick, Sasquatch, Big Bird, Woodshed, Bowzer, First Base (FNG- Craig Naylor), Crush, Feud

9.2 HIMs, including 1 FNG, (0.2 for Drumstick coming in the last 10 minutes following work) posting in gloom at Asgard.  Baseball was YHC’s first sport he followed, and he still has an affinity for the game.  The All-Star Game was this week, so he decided to go with yet another one of his baseball themed beatdowns.  The sweet sounding of “oh no” came ringing as pax arrived seeing cones placed in the shape of a diamond, with three more in the distance… After four consecutive posts with humidity between 98-100%, conditions were a “comfortable” 81 degrees and probably in the 50% humidity.   


  • SSH x20 IC
  • Imperial walkers x10 IC
  • Squats x10 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC
  • Mt. climbers x10 IC
  • Flutter kicks x20 IC
  • Burpees x10 OYO

The Thang

All-Star festivities always include a Home Run Derby on the Monday prior to the game.  With this year’s game being ripped away from America’s team, the Atlanta Braves, and moved to Coors Field, there were a lot of dingers.  Taking a page out of YHC Pre-Super Bowl beatdown…

  • Home Run Derby Round 1- exercise performed at home, bear crawl to first base, perform second exercise; reps determined by # HR hit by player:
    • Trey Mancini 24 (squats)
    • Matt Olsen 23 (merkins)
    • Trevor Story 20 (Mt Climbers)
    • Joey Gallo 19 (Freddy Mercuries)
    • Pete Alonso 35 (Imperial walkers)
    • Salvador Perez 28 (diamond merkins)
    • Juan Soto 31 (shoulder taps)
    • Shohei Ohtani 28 (monkey humpers)
  • Home Run Derby Round 2- exercise performed at home, crab walk to third base, perform second exercise; reps determined by # HR hit by player:
    • Trey Mancini 13 (left staggered merkins)
    • Trevor Story 12 (iron mikes)
    • Pete Alonso 16 (right staggered merkins)
    • Juan Soto 15 (jump squats)
  • Home Run Derby Final Round- exercise performed at home, pax run the bases, perform second exercise at home; reps determined by # HR hit by player (Dang Mets)
    • Pete Alonso 23 (HR burpees)
    • Trey Mancini 22 (LBCs)
  • Ragnar Baseball: Pax picks a ping-pong ball out of the bag. Moseys to the designated area on the baseball field of cones and performs exercise.  Team returns “home” and repeats the cycle until time called.  Exercises were:
    • 1st-Merkins x20
    • 2nd-Squats x20
    • 3rd-burpees x10
    • RF-flutter kicks x40
    • CF-SSH x40
    • LF-mountain climbers x40
    • HR-lunge walk to 1st, bear crawl to 2nd, crab walk to 3rd, mosey to home plate
    • Out-mosey around entire “field” + 5 pull-ups
  • With about 4 minutes remaining, and the Q wanting to make sure everyone got their money’s worth, we ended with dealer’s choice until time called


YHC talked about the current COVID surge.  Make no mistake, we are at the beginning of one.  Without getting political, he expressed that he agrees that everyone has a choice whether to get vaccinated or not, and he was not going to shame anyone one way or another.  He does believe it. For those that do not, he asked that they do take measures to protect themselves.  Masks work, but only if you include proper hand hygiene as well. 

The hospitals are being overwhelmed, even in Jacksonville.  At his particular hospital, elective surgeries were cancelled this week because of no bed availability.  The day they began cancelling, the hospital was at 100% capacity (no empty beds), and 30 patients in the ER and 28 surgeries already completed or started without a bed assigned to them.  He also heard about 70 patients left the ER without being treated because the wait was so long. 

While they say, 99% of the people who get it survive, there still is enough out there who require hospitalizations, and it does and is overwhelming the health care system.  And there is even deeper trickle-down effect (think of the controversies around jobs and schools).  YHC asks for everyone to just be careful regardless of your stance.  Take care of yourself and take precautions, because it’s not just about you. 

We named our FNG.  Great story and great participation from the pax coming up with an appropriate name that even incorporated the theme of the beatdown (probably more coincidence than anything, but I’ll still claim it). 



  • Continued prayers for Talen and his family/friends
  • Big Bird for wisdom in searching for new assistant manager
  • Big Bird and M or upcoming family meeting
  • Guidance for those involved with the Palatka launch
  • Bowzer and M for career/job guidance
  • Crotchless for quick healing of back injury and for all on IR
  • Feud’s family members battling COVID, including BIL (Bob the Builder) who is a kidney transplant recipient
  • Drumstick and the Running for Heroes group for safety and security during tribute run
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Pledge

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