It’s Never Too Late! – Q3

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  • When: 7/19/21
  • QIC: D-Day
  • The PAX: Bada-Boom, Zamboni, City Slicker, Tackleberry, Speedo, Saigon Sam, Trailer Park, Gizzard, Pink Panther, Prunetang, Smashmouth, Snowden, Left Turn, D-Day




Down range – x2 – Speedo, Trailer Park


Today’s message It’s never too late

Since I turned 50 yesterday, this kinda hit me right between the eyes.

What does never too late mean?

It is never impossible (to do something), regardless of how old one is. The phrase is typically used to encourage someone to try to accomplish something, especially late in life or long after it is usually accomplished by others.


Of Note, ALL of our music today are hits from 1971, so they are as old as this old fart is!

Warm ups

Michael Phelps

Hill Billy

Toy Soldier

Limp Member

Walk it out to

Down dog

Pedal the feet

Into the Valdez!

Side straddle hop


The Thang

The 50’s!

Mosey to field

  1. 25 x Big Boy sit ups – walking Lunge – 25 x Mercans – repeat  = Total of 50 of each

2. 25 x American hammers – Bear Crawl – 25  x Squats – repeat   = Total of 50 of each

3. 25 x Mountain climbers – Crab walk – 25 x side straddle hops – repeat  = Total of 50 of each

4. 25 x shoulder taps – Karaoke to the bench 25 x step ups EACH Leg– repeat   = Total of 50 of each

5. 25 x DIPS  on the bench– High knees – 25 x Freddy Mercury’s  – repeat   = Total of 50 of each

6. 25 x flutter kicks – choice, anything but walk – 25 x Catalina Wine Mixers – repeat  = Total of 50 of each


Back to the flag!


Pax choice as a team of two –  + 50 Merkins 50 American hammer, 50 second plank, 50 burpees.


It’s never too late:

To – Learn something new

To – Right a Wrong, and say I’m sorry

To – Forgive the person who hurt you.

To – be positive and happy

To – create healthy relationships

To – start a new goal  (like joining F3 to better my body and mind)

To – dream a new dream

To – Put your past in your past

To – Develop a relationship with your higher power

To – understand gods power, love, and will




Prayer requests




So remember – Never give up, Believe in yourself, BE Passionate, Work HARD, because it is never too late!

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