“Ghost Q” or “Stronger and Faster”

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  • When: 07/27/2021
  • QIC: Scholls
  • The PAX: Updraft, Fixit, McFly, Slushy, Botox, Heist, Fifty Cent, Cupid, Loudmouth, Twister, Mr. Woodchuck

On the QSchedule, a strange name appeared: Anonymouse. It was unclear whether this was a trickster pax playing games, or whether he had simply forgotten his name and then misspelled Anonymous.  Either way, the rest of the pax were in the dark, even before they were in the gloom.

Then the Ghost Q caught a cold, and called the Site Q to fill in.  The Site Q was glad to do it, then almost overslept. Updraft was ably leading the Warm-a-rama as YHC ambled in carrying a cinderblock. He appropriately greeted me with a call for 10 Burpees.

The Thang

We carried our blocks to the far goal line on the turf field.  Each set of exercises was followed by a 100 yard sprint to the other goal line, and a mosey back.

20 Burpees – 100 Yard Sprint

20 Alternating Merkins (R&L, 40 total, totally sucked) – 100 Yard Sprint

50 Curls – 100 Yard Sprint

25 Goblet Squats – 100 Yard Sprint

50 2 Count Freddy Mercurys – 100 Yard Sprint

50 High Docks (Dry Docks w/ Feet on Block) – 100 Yard Sprint

25 KB Swings – 100 Yard Sprint

40 Bent Over Rows – 100 Yard Sprint

20 Split Leg Squats (R&L, 40 total) – 100 Yard Sprint

25 Overhead Press – 100 Yard Sprint

30 Big Boy Block Situps – 100 Yard Sprint

20 Curls – head back to the flag

COT – Word of the Day was ‘Intake’.  When we sweat so much in the summer, it is important to be hydrating, filling our body with fluids so that we can accomplish the workout that is set before us.  It can be dangerous not to be mindful about our fluid intake. In the same way, we also need to be mindful about what we are taking in to our hearts and minds.  The TV we watch, the chatter we participate in around the water cooler, the jokes we tell and laugh at – are these things that are helping us be the men we are called to be? No one is going to tell us to stop – we pay money to be able to watch Prime and Netflix.  We need take responsibility for ourselves, and be sure that what we are taking into our minds and hearts is not gunking up the works!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Ghost Q – sign up again, whoever you are!

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