Step up, Step In, and sometimes shared leadership is to make it up as you go along!

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  • When: 08/02/2021
  • QIC: Wasted
  • The PAX: Tackleberry, Firefox, Bloomer, Prunetang, Dollar Bill, Yard Sale, Papa Smurf, Gizzard, Mulligan


YHC welcomed 9 additional PAX on this glorius Monday morning -Tackleberry, Firefox, Bloomer, Prunetang, Dollar Bill, Yard Sale, Papa Smurf, Gizzard, Mulligan –  to a F3, a free, volunteer peer-led workout, that was supposed to be led by Full Monty, hwoever Full Monty was unable to attend to circumstances beyond his control…I had no knowledge of any injuries or fitness levels, and it was each individual’s responsibility to exercise safe and modify as necessary to avoid injury.  F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.


step in when your brother needs a hand


  • ssh
  • hillbillies
  • merkins
  • michael phelps
  • lunges
  • jump squats

 The Thang:
mosey to each light along the davis park road.   QIC asked each pax what their favorite excerices was.   Tackleberry was first and was slow on the trigger – so we began with 10 burpees.   and so it began….

we took each Pax’s “favorite” excericise and did that excercise for 25 reps, all others leading to that excericise we performed 5 reps each round as it built up each round while moseying to each light.

we neded with Bloomer Ab Blast and a Pappa Smurk Monkey Howler….for a little core and High Ass Muscle burning to close it out.


Announcements – farm delayed until further notice due to covid
Prayer requests

somestime we need to pick up another pax member… this case it was simple, fully monty made a call and needed me to step in, other times it may be brothers really struggling….this is F3 is all about, step up, step in and be the leaders we need to be for our brother and this world!

Christian Prayer:

pray for all of us to know when to step in and have the courage to support each other.

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