14 Strong on Wednesday at BL

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  • When: 08/18/2021
  • QIC: Bloomer
  • The PAX: Skid, Full Monty, D Day, Rawlings, Gizzard, Hat Trick, Baywatch, Flo, Prunetang, GNC, Mulligan, Saigon Sam, Tackleberry

Kids are back in school, the grind is on- do the work, be the leader in your home, work, etc

Warmup: Quick pace SSH, 3 burpees, reacher, 3 burpees, hillbilly, 3 burpees, limp member, 3 burpees

Mosey- 3 burpees at alternating lightpoles on way to turf field. On way back- every 3rd lightpole ab blaster.

2 rounds: 5 manmakers, 5 goblet squats, 5 derkins
Sprint to end of parking lot
10 lbc, 10 bbsu, 10 dollies
Jog back

2 rounds: 10 block swings, 5 grd to airs, 5 curls
Sprint to end of parking lot
10 flutterkicks, 10 heels to heaven, 10 American hammers
Blocks away

Back to circle
Dynamic stretches- 10 counts around circle

EMOM to finish
3 burpees, 5 air jordans, 5 bobby hurleys

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