4 Years and counting- “don’t wait to be ready”

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  • When: 08/19/2021
  • QIC: Gizzard
  • The PAX: Slash (R), Mervin, Dollar Bill, Shirley (R), Mulligan, Prunetang (R), Saigon Sam (R), Outhouse (R), Airbags (R), Valdez.

YHC had the honor of leading 10 Pax through a walk down memory lane.  Pulling from some of the most infamous and notorious Q’s, I would be remiss not to state my sources from past BB.   The Pax was challenged to figure out who the Q was for each workout routine with the only hint being the year routine was done.  If the Pax guessed them all right, the final exercise would be easier.  Alas, all exercise routines were guessed correctly, except the final one.  Ironically enough, the final exercise routine was lead by Airbags who was there but didn’t recognize his own genius.  So “getting knocked down consisted of burpess and SSH’s..



Limp member
Down dog
the Valdez
Michael Phelps
Mosey to baseball fields
@McDreamy 2017 JAIL BREAK
Pax collect in 3s and work as team
1 = BTTW (option 2 is plank)
2 = Peoples Chair with hands over head
3 = leaps baseball fence, sprints 3 bases and returns to his team; ‘freeing them from jail’ (allowing them to break free).
The Pax guessed this one correctly right away.
@Gravy  2018 Field of Dreams
Mosey to the Field of Dreams to participate in positional baseball training in 1 round 20 reps each.
Behind the Plate: Squat jumps
First Base: Mike Tysons
2nd Base: skaters
3rd base: Merkins
Through much debate- the pax eventually got it right with Gravy.
Mosey to second field
@Airbags 2019 Football Field of fun: (Exercise then Bear Crawl to cone – ~10 yards)
• Pickle Pounder (10) BC
• Pickle Pointer (10) BC
• LBCs (10) BC
• Plank Jacks (10) BC
• Happy Jacks (5 sets of 5) – Do 5 side straddle hops in cadence then after the 5th one everyone does two jump squats.
• Flutter Kicks (10) BC
• Box cutters (10) BC
• Merkins (10) BC
• American Hammers (10) BC
• Happy Jacks (5 sets of 5)
Pax guessed Zamboni, incorrect!
Sprints 2 sets while Pax decided who lead the WO
Mosey back to flag
Chumbawamba – “I get knocked down”  SSH AND BURPEES  28 total burpees 4.5 minutes
A lot of lessons learned in the past 4 years.  The first, if a fellow HIM is telling you what they had for dinner the night before, regardless of what it was, don’t be down wind of him, that is your one and only warning.  There’s a thin line between pushing yourself and insanity, right @Saigon Sam?  Last- don’t wait until you are ready, sometime we just need to go for it and muscle through the pain.
Always a pleasure gentlemen.


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