“And your little dog too!”

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  • When: 9/4/2021
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Roddy, Plunger-fng, Third Eye-Fng, Longfellow, Bowzer

On Friday a call went out that someone needed to take the Q for Crossroads. There was a slight chance I may need to make a trip to Crescent City on Saturday so I went ahead and signed up. (Turns out….I didn’t go further south after all.) So now the decision of what to do, what to do….I thought about just doing a completely made up work out but ultimately decided to go back in time. Back December 12, 2016. My induction into F3….Good place to start at least.

I showed up with about 13 minutes to spare, Roddy was already there. Out of NOWHERE Longfellow comes running up to the park with the shovelflag. His car is in the shop so he ran to the AO!! I love that guy!

2 FNG’s wandered up, one I knew about however there was a dude with a dog on a leash….wasn’t sure if he was waiting for us to move so she could…you know…do her doggy bizness or what. But at 7:00 am I called the time and they circled up. Pup and all. (Mental note: Is this allowed?)

The Warm-up.

I gave the disclaimer, looking straight into the doggy’s mournful eyes and said “I’m not a professional. Exercise at your own risk. Push yourself and your owner, but modify if you need too.”  She disdainfully looked away.

The Thang (or as much of it as I can remember.)

SSH: 20 IC

Hillbillies : 20 IC

Reachers: 15 IC

Don Quixote : 14 IC

LBAC F/B : 20 IC

Morrocan Nite clubs: 20 IC

Cherrie Pickers: 15 ic

Drop the cherries: 9-ish IC

10 Burpees….for the train

Captain Thor 1:4 – 10/40

Worst, worst Merkin ever: 5 crucible merkins, 5 regular, 5 diamond, 5 werkins 5 stagger each side. OYO

Jump squats : 15 oyo

LBC’s : 50. Roddy started mumblechatter about they did a lot of ab work at Asgaard last week. “Here’s some more fella!!”

We mosey’d over to the play ground pavilion and I immediately saw an issue. The picknic tables had trash all over them. I indicated that we leave an AO better than we find it, so we picked up all the trash. Second issues……Spiders! Everywhere. ICK.

Back to the show….

Calf Raises 25 IC

Dips: 15 oyo

Irkins: 15 oyo

More calf raises….Just 15 ic

No places to do pullups so we went back to the field.

Sumo squats 20 ic

Iron Hulks 1:4 ratio 10/40. No one liked these.

WWI situps 20 I/c

Worst worst merkin ever. Why not?  x 2

Back to the Pavillion, avoid the spiders for:

Calf Raises 25 IC

Dips: 15 oyo

Irkins: 15 oyo

Now I went off script……..across the street was the Presbyterian Church. I used to go to church there as a kid…. so we went over to the steps for Merkins around the clock. 5 at 12 o’clock, 3, 6, 9 and back at 12.

Rocky Balboas 20 ic.

The next portion of the show was what I like to call “Let’s Make a Deal.” I announced that as we jogged around the park, I would be thinking of an exercise that we had already done. Let’s see if they could read my mind.  I may have gotten the order of who guessed out of place…does it matter in the long run? Nah

Stop 1. Third Eye guessed Merkins. I was thinking about Burpees. We did 10

Stop 2. Plunger (with help from Bailey the dog) Can’t remember what he said, but it was wrong. We did 10 merkins.

Stop 3. Longfellow Actually got it right! Side straddle hops. 50 oyo

Stop 4. Dealers special. We did 20 Birth Canals and 10 Zamboni’s each leg.

Finished the work out with time to do 4 rounds of Circle Burpees.


Named Plunger and Third Eye. Emphasis was placed on leaving no man behind in our weekly encounters. Hey Big Papi’s message on this resonated with me.

Prayers and Pledge.


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