What’s Your Focus?

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  • When: 09/13/2021
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Tackleberry, Baywatch, Sofa, Terminator, Wasted, Mulligan, Outhouse(r), Prunetang(r), Full Monty(r)Saigon Sam(r)

What’s Your Focus?

Posted on September 13, 2021Papa SmurfPosted in Backblasts

Football? Family? Faith? Friends? What REALLY matters to you? Figure that out and that’s what you’ll focus on…

11 Pax posted to see what they could focus on during the Q. YHC was cognizant of the fact that some local football teams didn’t fair so well so we decided to play baseball instead.


SSH•10 MP•10 LBAC F/B • 10 MT Climbers•10 Flutter Kicks •10 Spider-Man stretch 2 10 counts


Partner up.   

Partner 1 runs to center field while partner 2 bear crawls around the bases. Each team is to compete 3 “home runs”.

Line up in left field on the line.

Partner up.

3 exercises. 3 times.

Partner A runs. Partner B does squats AMRAP…


Second exercise is flutter kicks

3rd exercise is low plank

4th exercise is BOBBY HURLEYS

Congregate at concession stand

Everyone. 20 step ups. 20 derkins. 20 big boi sit ups

Lunge to the outhouse…

Mosey to outhouse then run to the circle…


COT BOM  prayers for coach Jack and for the young family who lost their mother…Always fun to get up and get after it on a Monday morning  . Have a really good day men and lift someone up!

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