Leave no man behind

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  • When: 09/23/2021
  • QIC: Tackleberry
  • The PAX: Baywatch, GNC, Firefox (R), Dollar Bill, Gizzard, Mulligan, D-Day (R), Deuce, Bloomer, Outhouse (R), Sofa, Penguin,

Today’s mission: Leave no man behind, we’re in this together.

It was a clear black night, a clear white moon….
0530 Badlands beatdown with tact and PC tossed out the window. A workout with a enjoyable mumble chatter, jokes, and the occasional swear word.

Start: talk about the mission statement, discussed that September is “suicide prevention month” and mentioned the 22 Veterans who die by suicide a day.
Workout: 22 dreadful and out of rhythm side saddle hops, followed by some stretching.
Mosey over to the first parking lot where we paired up for the following workout. This workout was all themed after the “22”. I wanted the Pax to change partners each time and talk to each other, learn something about your Brothers.
-22 merkins
-22 flutter kicks
-22 windshield wiper things?
-22 burpees (11 each partner)
-22 Big Boy sit-ups

Since we dominated that workout and crushed the allotted time, we circled up and did a round of everyone’s favorite game, “Dealer’s Choice”. We stuck with the “22” theme and ran the gauntlet of burpees, merkins, American Hammers, and a bunch more. Hands and lower backs had a lovely encounter with the rock and sandy pavement!

Finished with a mosey back for a Count/Name o’rama, our announcements were placed on hold until Saigon Sam rejoined us.

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