The Most Important Person in your Life

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  • When: 09/27/21
  • QIC: Left Turn
  • The PAX: D-Day, Bada Boom, Smashmouth, Road Rage, Sushi, Zamboni, Valdez, Mervin, Snowden, Penguin, Gizzard, Air Bags, Saigon Sam,

Welcome to F3.

Once I had children I wanted to be the best dad in the world. It was a goal of mine. It still is. But I realized that in the pursuit of that goal I had been mis-prioritizing the most important people. 2.0’s are 2.0’s not 1.0’s for a reason. They should come after the M.


Stair lap

OYO stretching

Michael Phelps

Hill Billy


Stair lap

The Thang

7 rounds

3 min clock

One solid set of an exercise (merkins, burpees, monkey humpers, etc)

One continuous set for the remainder of the time (squats, heels to heaven, lunges, etc)

Rest 30 seconds between rounds


What can you do this week to let the most important person in your life know they are the most important person?

Prayers for Zamboni’s mother Beverly, for The Zaug family, for Jersey Devil, and for us Lord. We know that you need to be first, then our marriages, and families will be rock solid.




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