Body Chop @ Chop Shop

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  • When: 11/2/2021
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Lifo, Eileen, Updraft, Farrah & Farrah

Chop Shop 11/2/21

YHC rolled up to Tomahawk park aka Chop Shop for a FREE Mens workout just before 5:30.  Thankfully one of the HIM’s present issues the 5 minute warning.  We dug right into the following Beatdown.  We often find ourselves doing the same workouts so YHC figured he’d try to mix it up a bit on some of his Q’s.  Today went a little something like this:


  • SSH
  • LBAC F
  • LBAC B
  • Michael Phelps
  • Swimmers
  • Reacher


3 sets of 15 (modified to 3 sets of 10 after first set)


Cross Over Crunch

  • Assume Lindsay Lohan position w/ arms & legs extended to make an X.
  • Contract your abs
  • Keep limbs extended, bring arms & legs up & toward each other over abs

Block Merkin

  • Merkin w/ Right hand on Cindy, Merkin w/ Left hand on Cindy = 1

Plyo Plank

  • Assume High Plank w/ wide feet
  • Quickly hop feet together & up toward the right
  • Hop back to the starting position, repeat on left side = 1 rep


Deep Squat w/ Overhead Press

  • Hold Cindy high – Arms parallel w/ Ground
  • Keep Cindy High – Deep squat – 45 Degree Angle
  • Stand Tall & Press Overhead = 1

The Matrix

  • Kneel on ground w/ knees hip width apart
  • Hold Cindy close at waist against abs
  • Slowly lean back as far as possible keeping knees planted
  • Hold 3 seconds & use core to slowly come up to starting position = 1

Arm Pullover Straight Leg Crunch

  • Grab Cindy & lie on your back w/ arms extended behind you
  • Extend legs at 45 Degree Angle
  • Bring arms up over chest & lift shoulders off ground while raising legs up until they are perpendicular to the floor
  • Return legs to starting position – don’t let legs touch the floor


Crunchy Frog

  • On your 6, bend & hold onto your shins & curl your shoulders up off the floor
  • Extend legs up & out at 45 degree angle as you reach your arms straight up w/ biceps near ears – forming a U shape w/ your body
  • Hold position pushing ribs down toward the floor
  • Use abs to bring legs & arms back to starting position w/ knees bent
  • Keep core tight, don’t hold your breath


  • Assume Merkin position – Brace core
  • Do Merkin – when at top rotate & raise Right hand up to sky, do another  Merkin raising left hand = 1

Manny Pacquiao

  • Side plank in left elbow  – brace abs – reach toward ceiling
  • Slowly punch right hand under & return to side plank = 1
  • Repeat on both sides


Big Boy Chops

  • Lie on 6 w/ hands together extended straight overhead
  • Contract abs & crunch up, bringing hands over to outside of left thigh
  • Return to starting position & repeat to the right = 1
  • Keep abs tight & feet on floor

Jay Lo

  • Assume low plank w/ forearms flat on ground & palms down – brace core
  • Keep hands in place & pivot feet – twisting your body to the left as far as possible
  • Repeat on Right side = 1

Merkin to Bench Plank

  • Start in Merkin position w/ bench about 1 Ft in front of you
  • Do Merkin, then place right hand on bench, then left hand – you should be fully extended – pause for 3 seconds at top
  • Rinse & repeat

Thumbs Up Merkin

  • Low plank w/ thumbs up
  • Push up on balled up hands keeping thumbs facing up

Noticeably missing from today was Septum’s coffee, Extinguishers tunes & D-Nice rugged good looks!

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