Get Up…

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  • When: 11/02/2021
  • QIC: McFly
  • The PAX: Doink, Botox, 50 Cent, Pink Panther, Scholls, Loud Mouth, Aquaman, Heist, Hooker, Fix it, Radar (FNG)

12 PAX showed up for a great Tuesday morning at Thunderdome. Your Q had put together a new playlist which included some T-Swift for good measure. I don’t like Get Ups but last week something finally clicked and I was able to do cross legged Get Ups (finally after ~2 years). To celebrate I included ample Get Ups (..should have had Celebrate by Kool & the Gang in playlist). In the morning I thought about what is the right song for Get Ups. I could use Get On Up (James Brown), Get Up, Stand Up (Marley), etc. but playlist was already set. Luckily I had Tubthumping on the playlist.

We started with Early in the Morning by the Gap Band.

Warm Up (In cadence, 10 count)

Side straddle hop, little baby arm circles forward, Moroccan nightclub, the Randy, little baby arm circles backward, the Reacher, Don Quixote

Act 1 (Scene: the Dome)

5 pull ups, 10 Kraken burpees, 20 dips

…just did 1 round and the moseyed to the far end of the turf field. Early in the Morning was still playing.. it’s a long song.

Act 2 (Scene: the turf field between goal line and 25 y)

FNG showed up so I provided the standard disclosure. We did not do +10 burpees as they were already on the menu. At some point Human Beat Box by the Fat Boys came on.

11s (Burpees and Getups) – Burpees, run to 25 yard line, Turkish get ups, run back. We went through a few songs such as I Wanna Be Sedated and Tubthumping came on towards the end.

Run around the field ~400m

Act 3 (Scene: the turf field goal line on your 6)

Captain Thor: BBSU + American Hammer in 1:4 ratio, finishing with 10 BBSU and 40 American Hammers. For American Hammers normal count, e.g. 1-1 (right-left), 2-2, etc.

Run around the field ~400m

Act 4 (Scene: the turf field, 25 y square)

Q had put cones creating a 25 yard square with the plan to do lots of bear crawls and exercises at each corner. As we were near time we sacrificed exercises but kept the bear crawl. Bear crawl the square with head facing other end zone, e.g. BC 25 y, side BC 25y left, CB 25 y, side BC 25y right.

Mosey back to flag.. had to flip on some T-Swift just to show that it was really there.


Word/Thought: Think about what sacrifices we can make to help those around us. Be intentional.

Welcome FNG Radar

Announcements: Q-Source immediately after. Foundry on Fridays and Xmas party is set so sign up. We are also try to raise money for Trinity Rescue Mission.

Prayer: For the safety of Twister until he is back from his deployment. Thanks for minds and bodies that are able to enjoy a great Tuesday morning.

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