Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

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  • When: 11/04/2021
  • QIC: Saigon Sam
  • The PAX: Screwdriver, Big Papi, Zamboni, gekko, rosin bag, Heisenberg, shock treatment, Jumanji, Toxic, GroundSpeed, snuffy, Bowzer, Bernie 4 points, Conroy, Sweetspot, Outhouse, Boucher, PUD

Me and Outhouse got in the car at zero dark thirty at Davis Park and took off like Thelma and Louise heading to the big city to workout with the Townies at the BOHICA AO!  When we arrived we were greeted by a large group of Pax eager to workout but there was not a Q as Matlock got stuck in Houston…aka he partied a little too hard at the World Series and missed the damn flight!  Hey happens to the best of us Matlock!  Anyway I offered or in other words was shame goaded into Q’ng.  Pud quickly jogged me around the AO to show me all the wonderful attributes and we proceeded to put together an MSU workout (as Extinguisher calls it) or “Making Shit Up” per our man Hey Big Papi!  In the Marines we called it “Adapt, Improvise and Overcome!”


SSH 20X IC, Freddie Mercury 20X IC, Mountain Climbers 15X IC, LBAC forward 10XIC, LBAC backwards 10X IC, Michael Phelps 10X IC, 10 Burpees OYO for Screwdriver being just a tad tardy…we were doing burpees either way so there’s that!

The Thang:

Pax Partner up for two strength circuits.

  • 3 Rounds –  One Pax runs to the playground completes 5 pull-ups while partner does overhead press with coupon (20 ish reps depending on partner speed).
  • 3 Rounds – One Pax runs to the playground completes 5 pull-ups while partner does goblet squats (again about 20ish reps).

After the strength circuit we Mosey’d to basketball courts for some cardio vis-à-vis some 11’s.

  • 1 rep of an exercise on baseline run to other baseline 10 reps of another exercise.  2-9, 3-8 etc. until completion.
  • Exercises – Burpees and Bobby Hurley’s.

Hey Big Papi was squawking about not doing any bear crawls in this MSU workout so we Mosey’d to the handball/racquetball court for a little wall sit, bear crawl relay.

  • Pax wall sit while raising the roof until all of the 19 completed a bear crawl or lunge to mid court and back.
  • Upon completion we locked arms and did a Homoerotic (not that there’s anything wrong with that) lunge walk together the length of the court.   

Mosey’d back to the circle grab our coupons for a little dealers choice:

  • Saigon Sam – flutter kicks holding coupon 20X IC
  • Outhouse – Colt45 ( curls for the girls!)
  • Conroy – 50 raise the roofs IC so lots or reps!  Zamboni decided to do with a coupon and regretted that decision about rep 20 IC
  • Jumanji being Jumanji followed up with 15 more overhead press for Zamboni’s benefit
  • Heisenberg called out 20 windshield wipers over coupon OYO
  • Bowser finished us off with 5 Labia stretches which basically entailed leg lift into to a 4 count v-up crunch


Count a Rama, Name a Rama

Message: YHC is heading to SC for a funeral for our F3 brother Shopvac who died in a tragic accident.  He leaves behind a wife and two college aged young men and a host of friends.   We need to cherish the moments we have, be present and live life to the fullest!


  • Trinity Rescue Friday and Farm Saturday could both use support
  • Pax should consider doing the CHAD1000X as GoRuck is expanding partnership with F3 Nationwide and it’s a great cause.


For safe travels for YHC up to SC, for the men in the circle to make impacts with their families and community and for the knowledge of HIS will for us and the power to carry it out. Amen!

Awesome seeing the Townies and will be back soon!

SYITG and Semper Fi

Saigon Sam

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