Hard Nocs- Be Better- at advice

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  • When: 11/15/2021
  • QIC: Gizzard
  • The PAX: Sushi, Yard Sale (R), Bada Boom (R), Penguin, Firefox (R), Saigon Sam (R), Prunetang (R), Bada Bing

8 PAX Join YHC for the first time leading two workouts on Double Down Monday.  Cold, yet sunny, and most energetic for a classic Meat Head Monday.  Today’s message (which Prunetang got to hear twice); Be Better- At Listening.  Studies show, 85% of what we learn is from listening, yet we are half as likely to listen compared to 100 years ago.  The alarming part- we are 10 times more likely to give unsolicited advice!

Warm Up

SSH, Limp Member, LBAC (F/B), various arm/leg stretches.


Thang- Block Work Circuit (2 rounds)

11 stations: Tabata style- 40 seconds on 20 seconds rest, pause every 3-4 sets to run the stairs.

Stations: Man Makers (X2), Kettle Swing, Block Merkins (1 hand on each block), Block RLBC, Arm extension, tricep extensions, Bend over rows, overhead press, Flutter kick (w/block), Curls.

People listen less, but give more advice, while knowing less.  This can have devastating impact on others.  A few considerations when offering advice. 1) don’t assume we need to give advice.  2) Don’t give advice if you don’t know the other persons circumstances.  3) Don’t dismiss their needs. 4) Give a disclaimer- offer advice but make sure they know when its your opinion and you aren’t an expert (as most of us are not on most topics).


COT: Announcements- Kraken, Christmas Party, F2 event on Thursday Mission BBQ.  Prayer Requests- Sushi’s M having surgery, Penguin’s son taking private pilot license test.

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