Be Better- at being there for your brothers

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  • When: 11/17/2021
  • QIC: Gizzard
  • The PAX: Full Monty (R), Firefox (R), Rowlings, GNC, Wasted, Thumper D-Day (R), Dollar Bill, Bloomer, Terminator, Flo, Tackleberry

12 PAX joined YHC in Goodlands to continue the Be Better campaign.  Being better at being there for others, recognizing they may need us.  Quoting statistics on life events or “storms” that come to pass.  Noted by PAX this was not so motivational- more a humble reminder.  Reach out to your brothers, check on them, they may be going through a tough “thing”.

Warm Up

SSH, Limp Member, Reacher,  Limp Member, Down Dog, Peter Parker, Michael Phelps, LBAC (F/B),


Small Lap around Parking lot- stopping mid way to do 5 Welch dragons… Bear Crawl 5 steps, 5 plank jacks, 5 merkins.  Rinse and Repeat 5 times.

Mosey to Lot 1: Tortoise and the Hair

Line up on Road-

P1: Grab Cindy and move forward

P2: 5 Burpees and run up to P1


Round 2- 20 Merkins

Round 3- 20 BBSU

Round 4- 20 Mountain Climbers

Stop- Wait for the 6.  Rinse and repeat going back to first lot.  Increasing Rep count for round 2-4 by 5.

Back at first lot: Carry Cinderblocks to entrance and leave them there.

Mosey to bear crawl hall – bear crawl then crab walk.

Flutter kicks, derkins, and step ups.  Along with various ad exercises


Mosey back to flag.

COT/Announcements/Prayer Requests

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