And then there were 2

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@sandcrab and I posted in the gloom this morning . As I was the Q, I only had 1 to lead ….and @ Sandcrab was committed. Thank you @Sandcrab .

Warm a Rama
Peter Parker, Down Dog, Pigeon, SSH, LBAC’s, M Phelps, The Reacher.

The thang
Mosey a lap, 10 pull ups, 20 Merkins, 30 Squats, LBC’s in cadence . Rinse and 3 Peat

Lunges down field , multiple exercises along the way . Rinse and 3 Peat.

100 yard sprints, walk back, rinse and 3 Peat.

Prayers for D Days father . Thank God for the opportunity and ability to lead .

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