ABomination Returns…This Time It’s Personal!

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  • When: 11/30/2021
  • QIC: Crotchless
  • The PAX: Mello, Roddy, Feud, Sasquatch, Crush, Crotchless

Nice title, huh? Sounds like a blockbuster summer action movie, but instead it was a blockbuster beatdown of epic proportions…on a very cold field. And half of the 6 Pax almost missed the previews (COP), coming in right at 5 or a smidge after (cough, Feud, cough, cough).

COP (previews)

Usual stuff- SSH, goofball, arm circles, toy soldier, hillbillies, imperial walkers, wonder bra, Moroccan nightclub


The Thang (feature film)

100 yd field, Cindy at 50 yd line.  Starting at goal line, perform called out abdominal exercise. When finished, run to the 50 and do 20 derkins, 10 squat thrusters. Run to other goal line and perform same abdominal exercise, same reps.  On the way back across the field to starting line, stop at the 50 and do 20 derkins, 10 squat thrusters. Rinse and repeat with new abdominal exercises in descending reps at the starting goal line.

Here are the abdominal exercises (remember each exercise is done twice per round):

100 LBC

90 X factors

80 hello Dolly

70 flutter kicks

60 reverse crunches

50 crunchy frogs

40 Freddie Mercury


20 plank punches

10 V ups


Yep, so nobody finished the movie due to time constraints. But, by the lack of mumble chatter in the theater, YHC could tell it was a gripping nail biter.

COT (post credit scene)

brought up Christmas party, opportunity to help out Waste Not, Want Not charity (T clap to Roddy on starting this up!), staying healthy and staying home if sick since flu season is now upon us (along with continued COVID cases)

count; name

prayers for Drumstick and Ian for healing, Big Bird for workplace success.



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