The Pax Gets To Know Each Other.

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  • When: 12/1/2021
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Skyline, Bombs Away, T Bird, Felony, Rudy(r), Outhouse(r), Conroy(r),Inside Out(r), High Pitch(r), Sandcrab(rr),Carl(rr)

After working out with the Pax for several months, our knowledge of one another creates great avenues for bringing out the needle…none are immune from it and it’s a great reminder of the power of transformation that occurs within the Pax.
The QIC was a little salty according to one of the Pax and another pointed out the “right” name of an exercise. Laughter ensued. There’s one way to get better… listening to the guys who care about you and your growth.
12 Pax gathered for a much needed workout for the QIC. HOPEFULLY, the saltiness will dissipate when the sun comes up😉.

SSH,Michael Phelps, LBAC/f/b,Reacher,mountain climbers, Spider-Man stretch

Various exercises between midfield and the goal line…
Toy soldier shuffle left shuffle right run backwards. With flutter kicks/merkins/big boi sit ups at each line..
Mosey to skate park..
10-15-20. Box jumps, skaters’ squats, merkins,
Flutter kick in between
Mosey to tennis court
Bear crawl to net. 20 flutter kicks.and back. 20 flutter kicks
Balls to the wall. 1 minute. Air chair 1 min.
Circle up
Howling monkeys
Victory Lap.
COT BOM. Prayers for D-Day, Felony, and Hala…
Grateful for the privilege to work out with these great guys..

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