Lift Everyone Up

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  • When: 12/4/21
  • QIC: Left Turn
  • The PAX: Wasted, Tackleberry, Valdez, Mr Yuck, Motorboat, Saigon Sam, Shooter, Sofa, Red Handed, Mervin, Flo, Focker, Bada Bing, Space Jam, Sous, Ozark

17 strong at HN. Good work!


Welcome to F3.


My name is left turn.


The theme of today is sharing what you know – lift everyone up around you.


I am a professional. That is not the proper disclaimer but I am a professional. I make a living through coaching, leadership, and working with people. And in part through designing workouts. I have formal training in workout design. I would like to share what I know about working out with you.


Today, I want to take everyone through my process when designing an F3 workout.


While I am talking for the next few minutes I’d like everyone to hit some Micheal Phelps OYO.


When I think of a workout I want to create an experience that entertains, educates, and inspires – while of course getting in good exercise.


Like a good story, a workout is going to have a beginning, middle, and end.


The beginning – Welcome and Warmup


Welcome & F3 Disclaimer – I am not a professional


Touch base on a theme or message – this is an integral component of educate, entertain, and inspire.


Typically this is something that I read during the week or thought of recently. 


Then we transition into the warmup. The warm up has two components – general and specific.


The general one is large muscle groups and your cardio and aerobic system.


Here we go:


Stair Lap

5 sequences of reach up, toe touch, walk out merkin, down dog, valdez, inch work hands

Peter Park L/R

Michael Phelps in Cadence

Hill Billy in Cadence

Limp Member OYO


Specific – Target the muscle groups used in the workout


Stair Lap

Iron Cross and Scorpion

Tempo Squat in Cadence

Imperial Walker in Cadence

Standing Quad Stretch OYO

Standing Tricep Stretch OYO

Side Straddle Hop in Cadence


The Middle or in F3 The Thang


Using Time to Your benefit – Helps with one of the hardest things of planning a workout, structuring the logistics.


Time (defined time) vs. Task (defined work)


Example of Task based work out:


25 Burpees, lets go


Example of Time Based Workout


10 Minute AMRAP


5 Burpees

10 Merkins

15 Squats

20 Lunges (total)


Here is another example


10 Minute EMOM


10 Burpees – Remaining Time Squats


Reserve – AMRAP 

10 Big Boy Situps

20 Lunges


The END –  Cool Down and Closing

Bring down heart rate & stretch muscle groups

COT – Announcements, Prayer

Welcome FNGs Red Handed and Space Jam

Prayers for Airbags, D-Day’s family, Mrs. Saigon Sam.

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