Dec 13- Be a Team Guy!

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  • When: 12/13/2021
  • QIC: Bloomer
  • The PAX: Full Monty, Snaggle, Hat Trick, Deuce, Mulligan, Sofa, Dollar Bill, Tackleberry, 3Peat, Outhouse, Prunetang

Dec 13 Workout
Last week was the 1 week/year I get sentimental about the Naval Academy. Unfortunately this year it coincided with the death of CDR Brian Bourgeois. Booj was my plebe 1st semester of my sophomore year- the first person I “led” in a chain of command. Haven’t seen him in 20 years but Booj personified effort & not excuses- he’d fit in great out here & would be the one giving 100%+ in the gloom.

The message: Be a Team Guy- our team is stronger than the individual. As a teammate struggles- pick him up. Haven’t seen a teammate in awhile- reach out & find out why. Loyal teammates are a force multiplier- be that teammate.

Blocks around the circle
Warmup- merkins & burpees in between

Run to last field some pain station stops in between

Partner up back at circle, 8 minutes on the clock
Partner runs a lap
Other partner has some block fun:
5 man makers, 10 overhead press, 15 curls

6 minutes on the clock
Partner runs a lap
5 jump over block burpees
10 flutter kicks holding up block
15 upright rows


Prayers: Teammates struggling through the holidays- especially those who suffered with loss this year

Those devastated by the weather this weekend

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