Merkins and BJ’s?

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  • When: 12.15.2021
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Felony, Rudy(r),Inside Out(r),Outhouse(r), Carl(rr),Sandcrab(rr)

The pax arrived a little out of sorts this morning…inside out roared in right under the Burpee penalty, Outhouse was still sore from Running day at Badlands and Felony was recovering from the marathon.
Amidst this chicanery, the group persevered…the Q asked the Pax which station they would like to hear and the chosen station was 80’s Rock Ballads…
Rudy proved to be a worthy DJ, giving thumbs up and thumbs down to Amazon’s selections…Sandcrab and Carl were both befuddled by it all, as is expected from double respecters. The whipped cream on top of the steaming pile of dog poop was the mumble chatter…it seems that F3 has more power to create real conversations than any shrinks office…
WARM UP….Standard stuff
Mini Spartan…
50 yard sprints. 10 t bird merkins. Walk back. Rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat
Victory lap
PRAYERS for Sandcrab’s in laws and Wranglers family…
The incredible power of the Pax…creating joy with each workout…is really awesome. No sad clowns today.

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