Rockin’ Around the Shovel Flag

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  • When: 12/20/2021
  • QIC: Bada Bing
  • The PAX: Moonman, Chairforce, Space Jame, Yard Sale, Tackleberry, Narco, Zamboni, Bada Boom, House Party, Left Turn, Smashmouth, Wasted

Ahh, where did it originate…it’s a long story but I realized, there had to be another way. A Festivus for the rest of us with no distracting tinsel. Rockin’ around the Shovel Flag is not unlike the raising of the Festivus Pole. It requires a Burpee donation to the Human Fund, some leftover meatloaf, the Feats of Strength (perhaps this year a merkin contest as there is no snow to shovel and lastly (of course my personal favorite) the airing of Grievances against the Q. 

13 PAX posted to Rock around the #ShovelFlag and enjoy some 20×20 for December 20th (No not 20/20 on ABC). Welcome downrange PAX @MoonMan and @ChairForce. We enjoyed the nice grass of Nocatee and discussed the 4 characteristics of authentic manhood. Reject passivity, take responsibly, lead courageously and expect Gods greater reward. Grievances were tame as most of the time, movement was required of the PAX. 

◦ Michael Phelps
◦ Seal Jack
◦ Reacher
◦ Plank Jack
◦ Down dog

Run a Stair lap and finish on the Nocatee wedding lawn…     “hey, what kind of grass is this…It’s so soft and fluffy”

Then we decorated the Christmas tree in a Bearmuda triangle style with 5 down to 1 burpee with a bear crawl in between cones all around the Shovel Flag.

Next, we learned that Santa never skips leg day…so in holiday fashion we ran through some Iron Mikes, Squat Pulses, Monkey Humpers and Bobby Hurley’s to the tune of 20 each around the Shovel Flag.

Since it is December 20th YHC introduced the PAX to some 20×20. That’s 20 exercises for 20 reps each around the Shovel Flag. Here we go…

◦ Shuttle Sprints (x20)
◦ Prisoner Squats
◦ Burpees
◦ Superman’s
◦ Mountain Climbers
◦ Hollowback Flutter Kicks
◦ Hand Release Merkins
◦ High Knees
◦ Diamond Merkins
◦ LBC’s
◦ Double Troubles (Burpee + Air Jordan) **Crowd pleaser
◦ Squat Jumps **turned into Anti-Gravity Squat Jumps in celebration of Moonman
◦ Smurf Jacks
◦ BBSU’s
◦ Shoulder Tap Merkins **Wasted wanted Shoulder Taps…he got some
◦ Plank punches
◦ Pop Jacks **Like a Groiner but with a little extra
◦ Speed Skaters
◦ Stump huggers
◦ Star jumps **Tackleberry’s absolute favorite exercise
◦ SSH’s IC


Prayers for Left Turn dad, House Party coworkers, Family and Kids around the holidays

Welcome to both DR PAX


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