I Can or I Can’t!

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  • When: 01/10/2022
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Rudy, Conroy , Inside Out,all respect , Sandcrab , double respect..

The early morning rain did little to deter The Respecters from posting this morning. It was a first for modification…we agreed to start a little late without penalty and Jumanji, we finished a little late for a full 45 minute workout. Standards.

Warm up. The usual stuff.

Trump’s: 4 merkins 5 count bear crawl. Width of field

Run to the Middle:
10 flutter kicks: 10 big boy sit ups: 10 squats: 10 mt climbers

San Antonio Shuffle rt leg lunge left leg lunge. Burpee. Plank jack. Repeat
Burpee Dan’s
1 burpee/ 4 lunges…width of field. 2 burpees 4 lunges back
BOPO…burpee. One leg burpee plank jack. Other leg one leg. 10 OYO..
Usain Bolts and a few other exercises to finish the race.
COT. BOM. Prayers for Aqua Man’s family, and the rest of the men who fartsacked or who are injured.
Verse of the day::: which the Pax suggested I post somewhere so I can be reminded of it:::

Ephesians 4:2
Be completely humble and gentle;be patient, bearing one another in love.

I can or I can’t …

I can’t?
“I can’t” is the oldest story in the history of humankind. And even though we’ve all said it before—and maybe some of us even believed it—whatever comes after “I can’t” is pure fiction, often rooted in societal conditioning and self-imposed limitations.

In other words, “I can’t” is a lie we tell ourselves (and others) to stay in our comfort zone. Because the truth is you can. You can figure out a way to do anything you truly desire. The better question is are you willing to invest the time, the effort, and the patience?

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