Rise & Grind- Embrace the Positivity from Teammates

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  • When: 01/12/2022
  • QIC: Bloomer
  • The PAX: Sandman, Motor Boat, Hatrick, Dollar Bill, GNC, D Day, Deuce, Mulligan, Prunetang, Rawlings, Squeege, Sofa, Bada Bing, Tackleberry

Message- Embrace the Grind. Not normally a message guy but take the time to draw the positives from those around you. Each one of our teammates bring a lot to the team, embrace that.

Warmup- 3 burpees in between each exercise… mosey- down & back 3rd field.. 3 burpees every couple hundred yards with some workouts mixed in.

7 minute AMRAP.
5 manmakers.. sprint to last lightpole. 10 merkins, 10 mountain climbers , 10 lbc’s. Jog around outside.

7 minute AMRAP.
5 grd to airs, 10 finger curls.. sprint to Jeep. 10 big boys, 10 flutterkicks. Jog around outside.

Announcements: Kraken, Spartan.

Prayers: Heisenberg, Aquaman & family, Covid Pax, all those said & unsaid.

Get some!

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