Backblast – Asgard – BC – 1/20/22

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  • When: 01/20/2022
  • QIC: Bartles and Jaymes
  • The PAX: Feud, Sasquatch, Crush, Mello, Third eye, Roddy


I arrived in the parking lot right at 5, and had to grab my Cindy, so was about two minutes late to the flags. Thankfully, Feud was leading everyone through side straddle hops, so there was a good warm up before I got to give the disclaimer, 5 core principles, and off we went.


SSH x20

5 burpees, on my down

Arm circles Forward x10

4 burpees, on my down

Arm circles backwards x10

3 burpees, on my down

Scrapers/grass grabbers/Tappy taps x10

2 burpees, on my down

Imperial walkers x10

6 burpees, on my down (oh, was that hated)

One minute leg stretches

Coupon walk to the end of the lacrosse field

Drop Cindy at the goal line, and mosey to the 50 yard line

The Thang

10 mountain climbers (2 count) wait for the 6

On my call, sprint to the goal line

When the 6 is in, 20 overhead presses

Wait for the 6, in my call, sprint back



BBSU x30

American Hammer x20


I always open my CoT to the HIMs in the circle, in case anyone has something they need to get out. Everyone in my circle helped me unload my truck, so they know more about my family than I know about them.

I just asked that everyone keep focused on what brings you out. For me, it is the promise I made to my 2.0s,that I would always be able to lift them both up in my arms. I’m sticking to that promise. I’m a practical guy, and I work out with practical goals in mind. If it’s weight loss, go for it! If you are a beast, good for you. F3 has plenty of opportunities to push. But don’t get discouraged because you’re the six. It really is you VS you.

All rise for the pledge of allegiance!


Naked Man Moleskin

Sasquatch recorded 2.5 miles of movemwby the end of the workout. Best guess, about 1.7  miles of sprinting. I lost count around sprint 14. Over 200 overhead presses, and over 100 mountain climbers.

Simple, painful, and got to see everyone push, and also modify. I enjoy this one since it keeps the PAX together, and I took turns having everyone call out the sprints, so forcing me to remember names.

Third Eye is sneaky fast! Kept me pushing, and failing, to keep up half the time.

Sasquatch is tall. I’ve got to take two to three steps for each of his. He can definitely put on the speed when he wants.

Roddy, great being next to you today. You kept pushing, and you were unstoppable on the presses.

Crush, I’m always happy when I can find something that challenges a 2.0, since you guys never seem to get tired. Sorry about the Hate call during name-o-rama. Old habitat from F3 Naperville.

Mello, you worked your way to the end of the line, so I didn’t get to talk to you as much, but great having you out, and you pushed hard.

Feud, hope I didn’t ruin the legs before Kraken. You’ve got 6 years on me, but I wouldn’t know it from how hard you perform. Amazing.

Big Bird, I only cried a little that you didn’t show. Just kidding, but can’t wait to have you out again.

For myself, my body is still an hour behind, and I think I’ll step back from the Q slot for another week or so while I adjust. I’ve never been late to my own Q before. Will not happen again. I really do hate running, so I force myself to do it.





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