Backblast – Asgard – 1/28/22 – Let the Growruck training begin

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  • When: 01/28/2022
  • QIC: Bartles and Jaymes
  • The PAX: Roddy, Crush, Sasquatch, Third Eye

Sent out a preblast to see if I could generate more HCs than the 2+Q for the last three ruck workouts. Thought I’d do something different than an out and back, and throw in PT to get some Growruck training started, but also allow time for mumblechatter to talk Growruck, expectations, and see how if there is interest for it.

We had 5 come out, so better turn out than it had been. Hoping we might make Ruck PT a regular thing. I miss that from Naperville.

Ruck teapots L/R x10

Ruck on good mornings x10

LBAC F/R x10


Thang 1


Short path. Ruck to first corner. Sandbag carry to share the load.


10 ruck overhead press


Indian ruck to second corner. Sandbag stays at the front.


10 OHP

15 ruck swings


Ruck to third corner

Trade off sandbag


10 OHP

15 ruck swings

20 ruck upright rows


Indian ruck to lacrosse field


10 OHP

15 ruck swings

20 ruck upright rows

25 squats, ruck on


Thang 2




Partner 1 exercises

Partner 2/3 – circle the parking lot and back


50 thrusters

100 chest press

150 ruck-on gas pump ers (did not getto this or Mary. Next time, Gadget!)


40 OHP

45 ruck swings

40 ruck straight lifts

25 squats



COT was about Last stands. Read the book Last Stands – Why men fight when all is lost. Good historical book that shows a lot of places where men have stood their group d and found something to fight for beyond themselves. Sometimes suicidal, sometimes they persevered. But these historical points show that even in losing, they are the ones who haveade history.


I challenge the PAX to think about what their last stand is. For me, it’s my children. I will do anything to protect them, and will draw a li e against any harm I see heading their way. No compromise there.

If you can’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. So what is it in your life that you will never compromise on?


Simple workout. I got to talk a lot about my experience at Growruck, and ways to train for it. Gave every e slightly more than a ruck, but hopefully not enough to scare away. I know I want to do #2, and Roddy is on board for next year. We’ll start building intensity to really drive home the need for endurance, speed, and strength.

Sasquatch can book it with a sandbag. Watch out!

Crush is going to be one of the stro gest in F3 at the rate he’s coming out.

Third Eye I’ll be chasing regularly, I can see that.

Roddy, you are strong. Growruck will be no issue for you. Keep up that heavy training!


If I forgot anyone, I apologize. Still learning names.

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