Don’t sweat the small stuff

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Globalizing your problems is one of the biggest negativity traps. Accomplished people tend to focus on the task at hand, and they don’t let little things bother them. If they can’t do anything about a negative situation, they don’t worry about it, and they move on with their lives. They don’t dwell on their mistakes, but they learn what they can from them and then move on to other events. You can’t eliminate unpleasant events from your life, but you can isolate the experience and refuse to overgeneralize.

The pax joined at Pool Party on this warmer than lately morning. @Outhouse (R) @Inside Out (R) @ Rudy.

Warm a Rama
Shuffle 50 yards , shuffle back 4 burpees
Skip 50 yards , skip back 4 burpees
Run 50 yards, run back 4 burpees
Toy Soldier to mid field ….circle up
Seal Jacks, MP, reacher, hillbilly, hello dolly, flutter kicks, all in cadence. Peter Parker .

The Thang
SSH in cadence 4 burpees x 4
Bear crawl of pain
20 out, 20 wide merkins, 20 back, 20 big boy
15 out , 15 diamond merkins, 15 back, 15 leg raises
10 out, 10 hand release , 10 back, 10 V ups
Lap around field.

Mid field LT. Dan ..4 lunges 1 burpee, 8 lunges, 2 burpees, 12 lunges , 4 burpees, 16 lunges 8 burpees, 20 lunges , 16 burpees

Mosey to skatepark

10 box jumps , 10 skaters, 10 squats, take a lap…x 3.

Circle up 11’s hand release and big boys.

Prayers for Rudy’s Daughter and her job search and IO’s mother in law in her grief .
Prayers for all and thank you Lord for all your good work.

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