Poop in The Box!

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  • When: 02/12/2022
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Wrangler, Bada Boom/r•Zamboni/r•inside Out/r•B For Bert/r, Bobber/r, Outhouse/r, Sandcrab/rr

Warm(er) weather brought out the Respecters to the pitch this morning at Poseidon. This time of year the pitch is filled with soccer, flag football, and other fitness groups…so it was first come first serve for the men of F3.As the QIC asked for assistance with the several Pax stepped forwarD offering to lead the Pax, but the QIC was just reading the room.
There was a litany of mumble chatter as the Pax moseyed to the center of the pitch for the warm o Rama.
Of particular interest to the QIC was the mumble chatter going on between several Pax about something known as Poop in the Box and Cologuard. Moving forward, the Air Chair was renamed Poop in the Box for this workout.
Attention was never going to be attained from this Wiley group of veterans, so we pushed on through the mumble chatter and began the day.

SSH•MP•LBAC F/B•Wonderbra•Hillbilly•Reacher•Spider-Man Stretch/4

Face North…various movements and exercises between midfield and the end line. Lunges F/B, Frankenstein, Skip, finishing with Merkins and Big Boi sit ups.

Red Barchetta…teams of 3. Sprint/Poop in the Box/Plank•4

Did some more movements(not bowel), from sideline to sideline with exercises at each stop.

Retreat to NW corner of field for :
Howling Monkeys
12 minute Ciabatta.
The music was questioned and the mumble chatter was taken in good spirit…each suggestion for the QIC was met with a “it’s my Q bitch…”. And hopefully it was received with the love and humor that it was meant to be delivered in.
COT. BOM. Prayers for Zamboni’s piloting skills, for Heisenberg, and for all the Pax that are missing or injured…
It really is a gift to be able to workout with such a great group of men.

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