When the Super Bowl Meets Cupid

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  • When: 02/15/2022
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Mello, Roddy, Bartles & Jaymes

4 HIMs of Fleming Island posting in the frozen gloomy tundra of Asgard.  YHC knew he had to keep the pax moving to prevent them from turning into popsicles!  Having picked up the Q to avoid a heavy threat by Bartles & Jaymes, YHC creative juices came up with a lame beatdown to congratulate this year’s Super Bowl champions, LA Rams.  While not a fan (YHC was pulling for the Bengals since it was his dad’s team), he decided to give them their due.  After all, the Rams may have won, but at least Jalen didn’t have a good game!


  • SSH x20 IC
  • Imperial walkers x15 IC
  • Goofball x20 IC
  • LBAC forward/backwards x12 IC
  • BAC backwards/forwards x10 IC
  • Smurf jacks x20 IC
  • Tempo merkins x10 IC
  • Squats x10 IC

The Thang

So the Rams won the big game.  It was a Hollywood ending.  Even the refs played a key part in the win.  Blah, blah, blah….  Here’s the thang….  Partner up and go Dora-style with a small lap around the parking lot :

  • L– Lunges x50
  • A– American Hammers x100
  • R– Rocky Balboas x150
  • A– Apolo Ohnos x200
  • M– Merkins x250
  • S– SSH x 300

Victory lap (big lap) around parking lot then to the playground for 10 burp-ups.  By the way, who turned out the lights? 

Back to the library for a little touchdown celebration.  It wasn’t the Super Bowl Shuffle.  It wasn’t even the Ickey Woods Shuffle (Bengals lost).  But, because it was Valentine’s Day yesterday, YHC had the pax do the Cupid Shuffle… in plank.  We dropped the kicks, but added burpees.  After all, this is F3, right? 

The celebration ended with 3 MOM. 


YHC only words of wisdom today is to always be thankful to God.  We tend to pray for favorable outcomes, for things we want, and when then come to be, we are very thankful and praise the Lord.  The hard part is to recognize everything that happens to us is a blessing.  Accepting God’s will can be hard at times.  But we must persevere and praise Him, even in the storms.  So, continue to pray for favorable outcomes, but pray also to accept His will, whatever that may be.

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

  • Praise reports for Ian’s clean scans; continued prayers for him and the Bailey family
  • Heisenberg, Barry Shinkoff’s M, and Crotchless’ father-in-law, all battling cancer
  • Sasquatch’s M and her heart issues
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Pledge

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