Self Worth – Hard Nocs -2-26-22

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  • When: 2-26-22
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: D-Day, Yardsale, Redhanded, Shooter, Dollar Bill, Sofa, 2.0- Swag, Roxberry, GNC, Left Turn, Focker, Valdez, FNG’s Towelboy, Dracula

15 PAX Strong for a beautiful gloomy morning at Hard Nocs.  Including one 2.0 Swag (who crushed it by the way) and 2 FNG’s Welcome Towelboy and Dracula.

The Message – Self Worth, As men we give so much of ourselves to our wives, kids, careers, family, finances, etc. etc. whats left at the end is very little to give to ourselves to build ourselves up.  If we move the importance of self worth and self health up towards the top we will naturally become better men.  Better husbands, fathers, workers, friends.  All of those things would love to have the very best version of ourselves.  Aye

Warmup – SSH, LM, Hillbilly to Burpee, Stair Lap, DD, PP, Plank Jack, Merkin, Recover, (Modify for Shooters dead Vespa – Michael Phelps, The Reacher, Stretch and the standard 5 burpees for the late arrival (better to be late then to skip)

The Thang – Mosey to the trail, LBC IC, Catch me if you can to the pull-up bars, Seal-Jack while each person does Pull-Ups to fail.  Mosey to the bridge, Lunge Walk across.  Mosey to the restroom building.  Bear-crawl across the stairs to the field.  Mountain Climbers IC. Bear-crawl back across the  stairs to the lot.  Mosey to the big field.  Partner Workout – 400 yard run Partner does slow burpees, When he gets back they switch.  400 yard run partner does squats, When he gets back the switch.  300 yard run partner does flutter kicks, When he gets back they switch.  200 yard run partner does stretches, when he gets back they switch.  100 yard dash partner holds plank, when he gets back they switch.

Indian run to the COT with a football at the front of the pack.  When the ball gets to the back he sprints to the front and starts passing it back.  The ball dropped twice so we had to stop for some SSH and Merkins.

At the COT, round of stretches.  COR, NOR, FNG naming X2, announcements, prayer requests.

Great work fellas!  We logged a little over 3 miles by D-Days count.

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