Preparedness keeps the Jester at bay

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F3 3/9/22

6 PAX worked out on a rainy, 70-degree Wednesday morning at Badlands.


-SSH, Michael Phelps, The Reacher, Merkins, Flutterkicks, LBCs

Mosey to Crosswater Church parking lot and breezeways 

The Thang

Dora: 100 Merkins, 150 LBCs, 200 Squats

Dora: 100 Shoulder Taps, 150 Big Boy Sit-ups, 200 SSH

(Each partner ran across parking lot and back.)

More exercises: Bear Crawl, Lunge, American Hammers, Hello Dollies, Flutterkicks, Chinooks, Little Baby Arm Circles (forward and backward), Plank

We then took a full lap around the parking lot and finished up with cool-down stretches back at the COT.





From QSource: Preparedness keeps the Jester at bay

Jester: temptation, bad habits, etc.

No matter how hard we try, if we don’t prepare for our Jester, we cannot advance.

Instead of fighting his Jester, the Sad Clown focuses his energy on looking like he is fighting.

We must accept the truth that it is a daily battle. We prepare by being ready to manage our Jester by working out, getting our minds right, etc.


Happy Birthday to Gizzard!


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