Backblast – Asgard – 3/10/22 – Ladder to Nowhere

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  • When: 3/10/22
  • QIC: Bartles and Jaymes
  • The PAX: Crotchless, Roddy, Feud, Third Eye, Sasquatch

With weather reports changing constantly between no rain, heavy rain, and thunderstorm, I ended up planning two Qs in case we couldn’t run.


Ended up being a light sprinkle, so I got to stick to the original plan. PAX were circled up when I arrived and started handing out extra coupons. Feud was an unexpected arrival, and Roddy showed up just in time.

Gave the core principles, and off to the races!


Good mornings x10

SSH x20

LBAC F/R x10

Abe Vigodas x10

Mosey around parking lot while explaining the Q


The Thang – ladder to nowhere

Each corner of the parking lot gets one exercise. Then run a lap. Then you pick up your two Cindys and farmer carry to the next corner.

Corner 1 – burpees

Corner 2 – abyss merkins between Cindys (threesome merkins? Cindy sandwich? Boy sandwich? Need a better name)

Corner 3 – chest press

Corner 4 – overhead claps

Round one, 10 reps. Increase by ten reps every full round.



All we had time for was one absolution. Next time…



The group at Asgard is small, but loyal and we all get along well. I wanted a workout that kept us near each other for encouragement, but allowed us to push ourselves.

I found a Teddy Roosevelt quote that said do what you can with what you have, where you are. So I gave the PAX their additional burden, and pushed them to do what they could in the time allowed. They all pushed, and the forced me to push myself. Loved it!

Third Eye – abyss merkins on vertical coupons every round. Impressive!

Crotchless – you kept me pushing to try and stay ahead. Barely managed it by the end. You’re crazy fast on those merkins. It it weren’t for the burpees, I’d have totally fallen behind.

Roddy – you never stop, and cotinue to push it every time you come out. Keep pushing on 75 hard, and you’ll be leading the pack soon.

Feud and Sasquatch – you two stuck together and so I didn’t get to talk much during the workout, but great seeing the fellowship and working together.

All together, everyone made it to the third round at least. That added up to at least two miles of running, nearly a mile of farmer carries, and 60 burpees, 60 abyss merkins, 60 chest presses, and 60 overhead claps.

Thank you for your support.


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